Clinical experience can help you learn more about careers in the health professions, determine whether healthcare is the right fit for you, and demonstrate your commitment to pursing a particular profession. It is critical that you learn as possible about today’s health care delivery system through continuous exposure to the clinical setting. Clinical experience can help you:
  • Learn how to interact with patients and their families
  • Gain insight into the business, social, and political aspects healthcare
  • Witness the the day-to-day life of a healthcare professional
  • Get experience being around sick and dying people
Make the most of your clinical experiences and the time you spend in this effort by reflecting on your experiences.  Keep a journal.  Make a note of your observations, your insights, the impact, etc. Asking yourself a few key questions following your experiences will also help you craft your application and interview answers. Be sure to keep track of your experiences using the volunteer journal and log.