Composite Letter

What is a Composite Letter?

A Composite Letter is a summative and evaluative review of an Emory undergraduate student's experience.  Composite Letters are often requested by students who apply to medical (allopathic and osteopathic), dental, optometry, podiatric and veterinary schools (additional programs may accept a Composite Letter).  As a snapshot of the undergraduate experience, the Composite Letter places Emory students in context with their peers.  In addition to an applicant introduction, the Composite Letter provides a summary and evaluation of academic and extracurricular experiences based on the student's individual performance.

The Composite Letter Writer compiles information from the following sources to create the entire Composite Letter (Any information provided in the sources listed below may be used in the Composite Letter):

  • Student application (includes transcripts and test scores)
  • Student Activities List
  • Student Short Essays and Personal Statement
  • 3-4 Letters of Recommendation
  • Composite Letter Interview

While Composite Letters are held in high esteem by many admission boards, they ARE NOT REQUIRED by any centralized application service. Some schools may require a Composite Letter IF the university offers the service or may request explanation if you did not receive a letter. The Composite Letter provides a balanced assessment of the candidate and will not inflate candidate ratings, experiences or accomplishments.

This service is only provided to current Emory undergraduates (juniors and seniors) and Emory undergraduate alums who have graduated within two years.  See the Alumni Policy below. Note: Seniors graduating in the fall term are eligbile to apply for a Composite Letter if they did not participate in a prior cycle. 

Information on this page is for the 2017 Composite Letter application (for the 2018 admission cycle). Students/Alumni who plan to apply for a 2018 Composite Letter (for those who plan to begin medical, dental, podiatry, or optometry school in the Fall of 2019) should check back on our website in August 2017 to review the most current information for the 2018 Composite Letter application.

2017 Composite Letter Timeline/Checklist

All of the steps listed below are explained in detail in the Composite Letter Manual, which can be found in the next section, "Composite Letter Orientation Manual & Quizzes".

Click here to print the Composite Letter requirements and timeline checklist.
Composite Letter Application Steps Deadline
1. Complete Group Mandatory Check-Up (previously the Group PHHR). October 1, 2016
2. Complete 1:1 Follow-Up. December 1, 2016
3. Download and read the Composite Letter Orientation Manual and complete associated quizzes for each chapter. December 15, 2016

4. Submit Composite Letter Application (Wufoo Form and Supporting Documents). The application will be emailed to eligible applicants in mid-December.

February 1, 2017
5. Open Pre-Health Database (Credentials File) through the Career Center. February 1, 2017
6. Ask for Letters of Recommendation. February 1, 2017
7. Letters of Recommendation due to Pre-Health Database from letter writers. Additional letters can be submitted after April 1, but will not be included in the CL. April 1, 2017

8. Submit Letter of Recommendation Confirmation Form.*

April 10, 2017
9. Submit Addendum Form.* May 1, 2017
10. Schedule and complete your Composite Letter Interview. Eligible appliants will be emailed in the spring with details on scheduling this interview. May 1, 2017
11. Place request on Pre-Health Database for Composite Letter to be sent to application service (see Career Center website for instructions).** Deadline varies by Application Service.

*The forms from steps 8 and 9 will be emailed to students in April 2017.

**The Career Center will post updated instructions for the 2018 admission cycle in Spring 2017

NOTE: If you have not completed a Mandatory Check-Up/PHHR (Group and 1:1 Follow-Up), your Composite Letter application WILL NOT BE REVIEWED. More information on the Mandatory Check-Up can be found HERE. If you have questions about whether or not you have completed your PHHR/Mandatory Check-Up, you may email to confirm. 

2017 Composite Letter Orientation Manual & Quizzes

In order to be eligible to apply for a Composite Letter, applicants must download and read the Composite Letter Orientation Manual, and complete the associated quizzes.

The manual will take time to read and understand. Applicants should not plan on completing this step of the Composite Letter application process in one sitting. The manual may be downloaded at any point, but students/alumni applying for a 2017 Composite Letter must complete the associated quizzes by December 15, 2016.  Please see applicable instructions below:

Current Students (3rd/4th year): 

1) Download Composite Letter Orientation Manual and read thoroughly.

2) Submit your request to join the Canvas Course by December 13th. Requests to join require one business day to process.

3) Once enrolled in Canvas, you must complete the quizzes by December 15th

Emory Alumni (up to two years post graduation): 

1) Download Composite Letter Orientation Manual and read thoroughly.

2) Complete the Composite Letter Manual Alumni Quiz by December 15th. This quiz is ONLY for alumni. Current students must complete the quizzes via Canvas.

Composite Letter Application Essays: For Alumni and Students

All eligible students/alumni who complete the steps above by December 15th will be sent a link to the Composite Letter application form soon after December 15th. If you wish to begin working on the essays section of the Composite Letter application before then, you are welcome to download the 2017 Essays Document, save it to your computer, and begin filling out the essays and short answer responses. This document is due on February 1st, 2017, along with the other Composite Letter Application documents. 


2017 Composite Letter Application Materials

Please note that the 2017 Composite Letter Application is now closed.

The 2017 Composite Letter Application is due February 1st, 2017 at 11:59 PM.  All eligible students/alumni will be sent a link to the Composite Letter Application form soon after December 15th, 2016.  

The 2017 Essays Document and 2017 Activities Log are the most time-consuming portions of the application. Since we expect applicants to spend significant time on these parts of the application, they are available now. You can download the 2017 Essays Document to your computer and save it there until you're ready to upload to the application. You can access the 2017 Activities Log and begin working on it now. The PHMO recommends starting these documents early, especially for students preparing for the January MCAT. 

A complete Composite Letter Application will consist of:

  • Completed 2017 Composite Letter Application Form (emailed directly to eligible students after December 15th)
  • Completed 2017 Activities Log*
  • Completed 2017 Essays Document**
  • Signed 2017 Composite Letter Consent and Waiver Form**
  • Transcript(s) of college-level coursework taken at any institution outside of Emory**
  • Applicant's headshot**

*This will be submitted directly through Google Forms. Students should submit their logs to save by selecting “Saving,” at the end of the form and not “Final Submission.” “Saving” a form will allow students to return to the log and make changes as they wish (add, modify, edit, change, delete, etc) to their submissions. Selecting “Final Submission,” will lock the form from future revisions and should be selected when a student’s form is completely finalized. The form will be closed at the deadline of 11:59pm EST on February 1, 2017.

**These items must be uploaded to the 2017 Composite Letter Application Form.

Composite Letter Alumni Policy

Alumni Policy (Fall 2016)

Alumni of Emory University’s undergraduate colleges (College of Arts and Sciences, Business or Nursing) are eligible to apply for a Composite Letter up to two years post-graduation. Current Emory graduate students or alumni of Emory graduate school programs who did not receive an undergraduate degree from Emory are not eligible for a Composite Letter.

All individuals applying for a Composite Letter must complete two required meetings: the Group Mandatory Check-Up and the 1:1 Follow-Up. Alumni who did not complete a Group Mandatory Check-Up (previously called the PHHR) during their undergraduate years will need to watch the Mandatory Check-Up video (found at this link: and complete a brief assignment on holistic development. The link to the assignment is included in the description box of the video. Once you have completed the assignment, you can call the PHMO at 404-727-6040 to schedule your 1:1 Follow-Up. If you are not in the Atlanta area, you may complete the 1:1 Follow-Up via Skype. If you are unsure if you've completed the Group PHHR/Mandatory Check-Up or 1:1 Follow-Up, please contact the PHMO and a staff member will check for you. The deadline to complete a 1:1 Follow-Up is December 1st, 2016.

After completing a 1:1 Follow-Up, alumni must download and read the 2017 Composite Letter Orientation Manual, and complete the associated quiz via Wufoo. The manual will take time to read and understand, so please begin this step early. The manual may be downloaded at any point, but individuals applying for a 2017 Composite Letter must complete the associated quiz by December 15th, 2016. 

Read the Composite Letter Alumni Policy.

2017 Composite Letter Update Policy:

If you are an alum looking for an Update of a previous Composite Letter, please see "Composite Letter Updates", below. 

2017 Composite Letter Updates

For students who applied for a Composite Letter in the past and wish for the PHMO to add updates to the existing Composite Letter. This request is ONLY for students who applied to a healthcare professional program in the past and are reapplying to the same type of program for which the original Composite Letter was written (e.g. Medical or Dental). If you are changing career paths, a Composite Letter Update is not appropriate.

If you applied for a Composite Letter during a previous cycle, but did not apply to a professional program (medical, dental, etc.), then you are not eligible for a Composite Letter Update. You will need to apply for a new Composite Letter and must adhere to all Composite Letter application deadlines. Please see the "2017 Composite Letter Timeline/Checklist" section above for a full list of deadlines/requirements for the 2017 Composite Letter.

If you are already an alumnus, you are eligible for an Update up to 2 years after your graduation.

Click on the following link to access the 2017 Composite Letter Update application. The CL Update Form must be submitted by June 30, 2017. If approved, the updated Composite Letter will be completed on a rolling basis and submitted to the Pre-Health Database. Once posted, follow the Career Center instructions to make a request to release your CL Update to the appropriate application service.

You will be asked to upload a current resume, updated personal statement, transcript(s) and consent form.

2017 Cycle Composite Letter/Letters of Recommendation Instructions

 If you are applying for the 2018 cycle (applying in the spring/summer of 2017 for matriculation in the fall of 2018) please see "2018 Cycle Composite Letter/Letters of Recommendation Instructions", below). 

Composite Letters

The below instructions are for students receiving a Composite Letter through the PreHealth Mentoring Office at Emory University and applying to medical school or dental school during the 2017 cycle (which begins in late spring of 2016).  If you are not receiving a Composite Letter, see below for instructions on how to send individual letters or letter packets. For specific questions about this process, please contact Mildred Davis-Echols at 404-727-1891.

*PLEASE NOTE: Letter of Recommendation requirements vary by school.  It is your responsibility to check the individual requirements of each school you are applying to.

Letters of Recommendation

The process of delivering your letters of recommendation to medical and dental schools varies by program and application system (AMCASTMDSASAACOMAS, and AADSAS). The Career Center can assist you with the delivery of your letters to medical school and dental schools through the prehealth database. Below are specific instructions for Emory University Undergraduates and Alumni applying to medical and dental schools in the 2017 cycle (which begins in late spring of 2016). If you have any questions about this process, please contact Mildred Davis-Echols directly at 404-727-1891. 

For students applying to other healthcare professional schools including but not limited to: Physician Assistant School (CASPA), Nursing School (NursingCAS), Public Health School (SOPHAS), Veterinary School (VMCAS), Pharmacy School (PharmCAS), Optometry School (OptomCAS), and Podietry School (AACPMAS); you may have the option to use The Career Center for letter delivery.  Make an appointment with a prehealth advisor to discuss your options.

*PLEASE NOTE: Letter of Recommendation requirements vary by school. It is your responsibility to check the individual requirements of each school you are applying to.  

2018 Cycle Composite Letter/Letters of Recommendation Instructions

Instructions for submitting letters for the 2018 Cycle (applications that will be submitted in the summer of 2017 for matriculation in the fall of 2018) are coming soon. If you're applying for the 2017 cycle, please see above.

Emory CWRT Policy

Emory's Writing Intensive requirements (CWRT) will fulfill many health professional schools' English requirements, as long as the courses are taken in the English language.  The PHMO can send a letter describing Emory's CWRT policy to any health professional school that requests it.  See here for further information. 

If a school you are applying to requests a letter from Emory explaining this policy, please complete and submit this form

Withdrawing your Composite Letter Application

If you are a current Composite Letter Applicant and you wish to withdraw your application, please complete this form.