When considering candidates for admission, health professional schools generally consider students holistically.  Admissions decisions may be based upon their assessment of you in various areas of competency: one of which is academic performance.  Your academics can forecast how well you will perform in a health professions school, and may even predict if you will complete the program of your choice. Your pre-requisite courses also support your performance on admissions tests, and tell admissions representatives about your intellectual curiosity, problem-solving skills and your ability to manage a rigorous course load with multiple demands on your time.

  • While it is important to demonstrate your proficiency in the sciences, you should also be aware of keeping a balanced schedule to ensure your best academic performance. 
  • If you find yourself struggling to choose a major, needing academic support, searching for new study skills, longing to enrich your experiences abroad, or concerned about your Honor and Conduct status at Emory, see an advisor in Pre-Health Advising to discuss your concerns.

Emory Continuing Writing Requirement

If the school you are applying to requests an explanation of Emory's Continuing Writing Requirement, click here to access a general explanation of our requirement that you can send directly to the school. 

If the school requires a personalized letter detailing the specific courses you completed, please complete this CWRT Explanation Form. We will respond to these requests within 3 business days.