Beyond preparing for the application, it is important to remember you are preparing for a career in the health professions. When thinking about your activities and experiences, you must go beyond what "looks good" on an application. A truly prepared applicant is one who has demonstrated the qualities and characteristics of a successful healthcare professional through participation in meaningful experiences.

Holistic Development

Health professional schools expect applicants to demonstrate growth in four areas of Holistic Development:

  • Academic Accomplishment
  • Community Service and Leadership Experience
  • Clinical Experience
  • Research (Research is not required, though it provides helpful experience)

These four key areas of preparation are critical to a successful application process. There is no checklist of activities required in each of these categories. Your experiences in the areas of holistic development will depend on your own personal interests and passions. 

This graphic gives additional information about Holistic Review in the medical school admission process. While this document was created by the AAMC, it is helpful to applicants in all health professions.