Welcome to the PHMO!

We work with Emory undergraduates and alumni interested in healthcare professions until they are ready to apply to healthcare professional schools. Throughout the year we offer:

  • Pre-health events and workshops that provide opportunities to help students explore health careers, learn about holistic development, hear tips on becoming a competitive applicant, and prepare for the application cycle.
  • One-on-one  and group advising sessions where PHMO advisors and Peer Mentors will identify and connect students with appropriate resources, help students explore careers in healthcare and determine the right courses to take, answer questions and provide feedback  on application materials, as well as discuss how to find meaningful academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Preparation and practice for graduate school interviews through virtual and in-person mock interviews

PHMO Goals

The PHMO has four goals. They are to:

  • Introduce students to holistic development and guide them to grow into well-rounded candidates for the health professions.  
  • Encourage students to self-assess: to reflect on their experiences, and their interest and readiness to pursue a career in the health professions.
  • Connect students to resources and opportunities on campus and in the community.
  • Introduce students to the skills and competencies they will need to become successful healthcare professionals.

Contact Us

Location: B. Jones Center, suite 204.
Email: prehealth@emory.edu
Phone Number: 404-727-6040

If you are interested in a career in a healthcare field, but are not currently on our mailing list, register now.

The Emory PHMO works with Emory undergraduates and alumni. If you are a current Emory graduate student, but did not attend Emory for your undergraduate degree, please contact your undergradaute institution for pre-health advising. If your undergraduate institution does not have a pre-health advisor, please visit the NAAHP website for information about locating a pre-health advisor to assist you.