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Pre-Health Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are a select group of current Emory pre-health juniors and seniors who serve as a resource for pre-health students. Peer mentors serve Emory College students in many ways, including co-leading PHA workshops and answering questions about the pre-health experience through appointments. They also assist with pre-health programming. Schedule an appointment with a PHA Peer Mentor via College Connect. They are here to help you succeed on your pre-health journey!

Appointments can be scheduled with as little as 12 hours' notice.

Meet the Peer Mentors

Amulya Marellapudi


Amulya is a fourth-year student originally from New York, studying Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS). She hopes to receive an MD/MPH in the future. On campus, Amulya is involved with the American Mock World Health Organization (AMWHO), Remote Area Medical (RAM) and the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal (EURJ). She is also a teaching assistant and tour guide. Amulya volunteers at Winship, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) and the Global Village Project (GVP), an all-girls refugee school in Decatur. Lastly, Amulya is heavily involved with research at Yerkes National Primate Research Center, the Rollins School of Public Health and also the CDC. Outside of school, you can see Amulya playing the violin or basketball with the Emory Women's Club team. You can ask her about early assurance medical programs, restaurants/life in Atlanta or opportunities at Emory!

Anya Solomon


Anya is a seniorfrom Lilburn, Georgia. She ismajoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology with a minor in Sociology. While currently on the pre-med track, Anya has been exploring her options with the pre-physical therapy track.She began her career as pre-med, but after gaining research experience at Emory’s Rehabilitation Hospital, she gained a passion for neurological rehabilitation. Anya is involved with several mentorship programs on campus including Pipeline and STEM Pathways. She enjoys sharing her experiences with others and building connections with other students. Anya is a Co-Director on Volunteer Emory staff and has a passion for creating sustainable service opportunities for students to get involved in both on and off-campus. She recently founded a new organization called Melanin Essenceto support the leadership and professional development needs of black women on campus. Outside of class, she enjoys her sleep and has an unhealthy obsession with pens and succulents! You can ask Anya about volunteer opportunities, ways to navigate college with imposter syndrome, anything Neuroscience related, social justice issues, volunteering at Winship, SIRE and research opportunities!

Arpita Gaggar


Arpita is a junior from Fremont, California. She is on the pre-med track, majoring in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology (NBB) while also attending the Business School. She is involved on campus as the Research Branch Head Intern for Health & Development in Guatemala and as part of the Emory Pre-Med Association. She was also previously a Healthy Eagle, Bio 142 SI, Nishana Bollywood Dance Team member, Oxford Research Scholar, and Food Recovery Network president on the Oxford campus. Aside from studying, Arpita spends her time reading, dancing, baking, exercising, painting, and playing music. Feel free to ask her about Oxford College, summer research opportunities, or maintaining a balance between well-being and academics!

Barrett “Alex” Beesley


Barrett “Alex” Beesley is a junior on the pre-med track from the small town of Effingham, Illinois. Alex is the first student from his high school to attend Emory University and is determined to make the most out of his college experience by double majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior Biology and Religion as well as being amember of Emory’s pre-med fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon, Relay For Life, and the Emory Club Basketball Team. Alex is also very excited to be conducting neuroscience research at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center where he works hands on with Rhesus macaque monkeys trying to better understand safety signaling mechanisms in the brain in the hopes of furthering our knowledge of afflictions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you see Alex, don’t hesitate to ask him about his choice of a unique, STEM/Humanities double major, how he got involved with meaningful research, and what it is like to be the first person in his family to pursue becoming a physician.

Becca Clem

Becca Clem

Becca is a senior from Bethesda, Maryland. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Nutrition Science, on the pre-dental track. In addition to serving as PHA peer mentor, Becca values her roles on campus as a tour guide, member of Relay for Life, Pipeline mentor, Chemistry Learning Assistant, and Campus Proctor/Community Advisor. Ask her about her involvement in Greek Life, Residence Life, and research at the National Institutes of Health! When not in class or meetings, you can find her with friends, working out, or exploring Atlanta. Becca just applied to Dental School, so definitely ask her about studying for the DAT and the application process! 

Dwight Smith 

dwight-sized.jpgDwight is a junior from West Palm Beach, Florida. He is majoring in Biology and is on a pre-med track. Outside of academics, Dwight serves as the treasurer for Minority Pre-medical Society and First-Year Liaison for Citizen Science Health and Diversity. He is also a research intern in CHOA’s Pediatric Nephrology Department and has danced for both Vibez Caribbean Dance Troupe and Zuri African Dance Troupe. He is also a supporter of Chelsea Football Club; so feel free to chat with him about the English Premier League as well as study tips, research hunting, balancing schoolwork with extracurriculars or even the various nuances that come with living in the sunshine state! 

Dylan Hurley 

Rohini Guin

Dylan is an MPH/MA dual-degree student in the Rollins School of Public Health and Laney Graduate School specializing in Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences and Bioethics. Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, Dylan is a graduate of the Emory College of Arts and Sciences where he was a double major in Anthropology and Human Biology and Human Health. He pursued the pre-med track during his time as an undergraduate at Emory and his path lead him to a quick stop in the realm of public health. When not in class, he can be found working the Emergency Department at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta where he works as an Emergency Department Technician. In addition to his work at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), Dylan is a nationally registered and certified AEMT. During his undergraduate years at Emory, Dylan was involved with Residence Life as well as Emory's Health 1, 2, 3 program. He is the oldest of six siblings, so family is a huge part of his life. During the weekends, Dylan enjoys spending time finding new places to explore in Atlanta with his girlfriend Casey (who is an ER nurse) and their dog Stella. Feel free to ask him about the life in the pediatric Emergency Room (he has some cool stories), post-undergraduate planning (gap years, etc.), or cool places to eat in Atlanta!

Elise Withers 


Elise is a junior from the San Francisco Bay Area and is majoring in Biology and minoring in Anthropology. She is considering pursuing an MD-PhD, as she values both patient care and studying the molecular mechanisms of life. She's explored this passion through her past research experiences, having studied plant genetics, triple-negative breast cancer, and currently epigenetics. On campus, she also serves as a tour guide, Emory Pipeline Collaborative mentor, and was previously a Biology 142 Supplemental Instructor at Oxford. She strongly values living an experience-rich life, whether it be spending time with friends, volunteering with food redistribution organizations, exploring the country, or trying new things. In addition, she enjoys pressing flowers and sells them on her Etsy. Feel free to ask her about research opportunities and REUs, pursuing a MD-PhD, pre-health at Oxford, or any of her extracurriculars! 

Emily Chen 


From Walnut, California, Emily is a senior on the pre-med track pursuing psychology and environmental sciences. Currently, she assists with memory research in the Willie Lab at the School of Medicine, and volunteers for an online brain injury support group and the Harriet Tubman Women’s Health Clinic. She’s also involved with the UX/UI aspect of a project related to health disparities, Environmental Media Association, and Bridging Medicine. Outside the classroom, Emily can be spotted painting and kickboxing/boxing. She also appreciates reading about space and technology and is a banana bread fanatic. Fun fact! At 19, she embarrassingly dislocated her right shoulder after crawling through a 2-foot opening of a locked fitting room door. Emily enjoys meeting and getting to know new people, so don't be shy! Feel free to ask her about her experience being a non-traditional pre-med applicant, research, volunteer opportunities, and all things design. 

Erin Yuder


Erin is a senior from Closter, New Jersey on the pre-med track. She is pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Sociology. In addition to being a PHA Peer Mentor, she was member of the Varsity Track and Field Team and is currently an Emory Student Ambassador and involved in Greek Life. In past summers, she has worked as a volunteer with autistic children and conducted research through the Psychology British Isles study abroad program. Erin also worked as a lab assistant at Weill Cornell Medicine this past summer. She enjoys staying active, listening to music, cooking, and exploring Atlanta! Erin is more than happy to answer any questions or just share her experience with academics, extracurriculars, study abroad, research and more!  

Eunheh Koh 

Nia Kalifa

Eunheh is currently a graduate student at the Rollins School of Public Health studying environmental health. After being a peer mentor during her senior year of college, she was excited to rejoin the team in her final year of her 4+1 program. During her undergraduate career, she enjoyed being able to pursue her various interests particularly through Volunteer Emory, serving as the Director of Alternative Breaks in her final year. She also loved studying abroad in Copenhagen and interning in Hong Kong that allowed her to gain exposure to other healthcare systems. This year, she is continuing her research and job as a scribe at an ophthalmology clinic. Feel free to talk to her about resources for study abroad, research in public health, 4+1 programs, and the best place to eat Korean food in Atlanta :)!  

Hannan Sylla 


Hannan is a senior from Dallas, Texas on the pre-med track. She is double majoring in Chemistry and Economics. On campus, Hannan is involved in GlobeMed at Emory, a global health advocacy club, and the Academic Fellow Program, a mentorship program for international and transfer students. She also loves to volunteer at CHOA and Winship. Additionally, she loves being on the Emory Weightlifting Team, doing research in ecology and evolution, and being a TA for CHEM 203/204 and ECON 201. Off campus, you can catch Hannan at the gym, playing video games with friends, and going to fun places to eat. Ask her about finding clinical volunteer opportunities, leading an Alternative Break, double majoring outside of STEM, or making a fun exercise routine!

Juan Sebastian Arroyave 


Juan Sebastian is a third-year student from Pereira, Colombia. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science major in Biology, on the pre-medicine track. He aspires to combine his love for biomedical research and patient care to serve a role in both the areas of research and clinical work. When not in the classroom, he can be found doing research at the Woodruff Memorial Research Building in the renal physiology department. Besides research work, Sebastian has a passion for teaching where he has previously been a Calculus learning assistant for the math department and can also be found playing volleyball with the Emory club volleyball team. Sebastian is extremely proud of his cultural background and being a Latino student at Emory. Feel free to ask him about research on campus, international student life, navigating the academic pre-requisites of the pre-medicine track, and club sports. 

Julie Wechsler 

Joseph Lee

Julie is a senior studying Psychology & Linguistics with a minor in Spanish on the pre-med track. She's originally from Durham, NC, but now lives in Atlanta (ask her about the best dessert and hiking places in the area!). On campus, she is co-president of Atlanta Pediatric Cancer Outreach, a mentor for Emory Pipeline, and involved with Emory Hillel. Julie also works in a research lab at CHOA and has been a college volunteer there. Outside of academics, she enjoys leading trips with Outdoor Emory and playing club volleyball. She loves traveling (fun fact: she has been both to the driest desert and to the lowest point on Earth), and she’s interested in how language and cultural differences between doctors and patients affect healthcare. Ask her about being pre-med from a social science perspective, languages, or volunteering. 

Keya Trivedi

Sarah Lu

Keya is a senior from Vadodara, India. She is studying Biology and is on the pre-pharmacy track, with interest in Public Health as well. Outside class, Keya is involved in research at the Emory School of Medicine's Immunology and Microbiology department and is part of several on-campus organizations such as Project READ, Student Alliance for Health Involvement (SAHI), club tennis and Dooley's Players. During her time here at Emory, she has been an Orientation Leader, a Health Hackathon mentor, a PHP for the Human Health Department and a TA for the Bio 141 and 142 labs. In her free time, she is often found reading, listening to music or watching movies with her friends. You can talk to her about the challenges of pre-health, international student life, research, and the best dessert places in town! 

Landi White 


Landi White is a junior from Kennesaw, Georgia majoring in Biology and on a Pre-med track. Outside of academics and mentorship, she spends most of her time conducting immunology and B cell research with the Ghosn Lab in the Health Science Research Building. However, she also enjoys volunteering at the Winship Cancer Institute, editing papers as a Natural Sciences Editor for the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal (EURJ), being a Biology TA, helping to lead ChEmory (Emory’s chemistry club!), and hitting with friends at Club Tennis. She’s also an avid fan of Doctor Who and an unapologetic foodie. Feel free to ask her for advice about classes (especially in science and language), research, studying for the MCAT, and ways to get involved in the Emory-Atlanta community and beyond!  

Leanne Jeong


Leanne is a junior from Dothan, Alabama on the pre-med track and aspires to be a physician-scientist. She is pursuing a double major in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology (NBB) and Music on the Piano Performance Track. In addition to being a peer mentor, she is a tour guide, a research ambassador, an RA for Complex, the GhU coordinator for GlobeMed, and conducts clinical research in Alzheimer's Disease. This summer, she volunteered as a music therapy assistant and worked as the Georgia State Lead for Telehealth Access for Seniors, a non-profit focused on providing seniors and low-income communities with devices for telemedicine. Aside from academics, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, traveling, hiking, and exploring new restaurants in Atlanta with her friends. Feel free to ask her about Greek life, research, music therapy, virtual volunteering, and eateries in Atlanta.

Lucas Werner


Lucas is a junior from Holmdel, New Jersey. He is pursuing a Biology major on the pre-med track. Most days after classes Lucas can be found on the track, where he runs sprint and hurdle events in the winter and spring track seasons. He works in a Cystic Fibrosis research lab in the Department of Pediatrics of the Emory School of Medicine with fellow PHA mentor Sean Woo. He enjoys volunteering through Snack in a Backpack at Glenn Memorial Church. When back in NJ, Lucas enjoys hanging out with friends, playing roller hockey and ping pong. He has an older brother who attends Georgia Tech and a younger brother in 5th grade. Feel free to ask him any questions about pre-health, track, as well as fun activities around Atlanta to do on the weekends!

Matt Watt


Matt is a junior studying chemistry and physics on the pre-dental track, with an interest in maxillofacial surgery. He was born in Michigan, but his family originates from South Africa. He spent his childhood living in Kenya, Singapore, and Russia before moving back to the US. He is currently involved in undergraduate research in Dr. Liotta’s organic lab. Outside of the lab, he spends his time tutoring high school students. When he’s not working, he likes to write songs, and is co-president and one of the founding members of Emory’s hip-hop club, “The Shelter.” He is also involved in ChEmory and dances for TNT, Emory's hip-hop dance crew. Feel free to ask him about chemistry, getting involved in undergraduate research, music, travel, watersports, Oxford commas or anything else that comes to mind!

Michelle Ly


Michelle is a senior from Bakersfield, California. She is majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and is on the pre-veterinary track with an interest in public health. Michelle is the president of the Pre-Vet club, a member of Emory’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams, and a TA under the Biology department. She also works as a bird technician in an on-campus lab and has previously worked at the Yerkes Primate Research Center histology lab! Animals she has worked with range from companion animals, horses, livestock, and wildlife while abroad in South Africa. Some of her passions include finding new places to eat around ATL, sustainability, reading, service work, and cooking. Feel free to ask and chat with her about veterinary medicine, balancing athletics and academics, previous jobs/internships, and anything else!

Minhee Jeon


Minhee is a third-year student originally from Seoul, South Korea but grew up most of her life in Montgomery, AL. She is studying Anthropology and Human Biology B.S. in the College and is on the pre-dental track. On campus, Minhee is involved in Residence Life as a Resident Advisor (RA) on the Sustainability Floor at Hamilton-Holmes Hall and in Emory Student Ambassadors as a Student Tour Guide. Aside from planning community-building programs and walking backwards for 75 minutes, she loves to balance her time in her yeast research lab as an undergraduate research assistant with interacting with children at her volunteer shifts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) as well as at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic. Feel free to ask her about research internships during summer, volunteer opportunities, or her casual six mile runs around Emory.

Nathan Jacob


Nathan is a junior from Alpharetta, GA pursuing a major in biology and minor in philosophy. He is on the pre-health track with the goal of going to medical school to specialize in cardiology. At Emory, Nathan is a researcher at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta where he is studying thrombosis and blood clotting. He is a co editor-in-chief and writer for Emory Undergraduate Medical Review, volunteers at the Hope Lodge/Georgia Clinic, helps plan rural clinics for Remote Access Medical, and plays on the club tennis team. Outside of school, he enjoys playing various sports and trying out different restaurants in Atlanta. You can ask him about research opportunities, advice about school/clubs, or the best places to eat in Atlanta! Fun fact: Nathan was an extra in Spider-Man Homecoming and can be seen in the background within the first ten minutes!

Neha Arora

Sarah Renahan

Neha is a senior from Madison, Mississippi. She is majoring in Anthropology and Human Biology with a minor in Sociology on the pre-medical track. Relationship building is one of Neha’s core principles, so she values the academic perspective she is developing about people through her social sciences major and minor. In addition to serving as a Peer Mentor, Neha is involved in the Student Programming Council, Atlanta Pediatric Cancer Outreach, Emory School of Medicine Pipeline Program, and research. Outside of school, Neha enjoys playing with dogs, cooking, and traveling. Ask her about summer research internships, applying to medical school, and being from Mississippi!

Nicole Lulkin


Nicole is a junior from Glenview, Illinois. She is majoring in Biology on the pre-med track. Outside of academics, she is involved on the executive boards of Emory Reads and Atlanta Pediatric Cancer Outreach. Nicole also volunteers at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), serves as a tour guide, conducts Anti-HIV drug resistance viral research at the Health Science Research Building, and is a Chemistry EPASS tutor. When she is not running PCR tests or giving a tour, you can find her reading, exploring coffee shops, and participating in Greek Life Ask her about research for credit, delivering PPE to healthcare centers through MedSupplyDrive, Emory Global Medical Brigades, and her favorite restaurants in Atlanta!

Nivetha Aravind


Nivetha is a junior from Melbourne, Florida. She is majoring in Human Health on the pre-medical/ pre-public health track. On campus, Nivetha is an RA at Clairmont, conducts research in the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, and serves on the executive boards of the Emory Undergraduate Medical Review and Emory American Mock World Health Organization. Nivetha is also involved in multiple Indian cultural organizations. She currently serves as President of the Emory Indian Cultural Association and is a dancer on Emory Saraas. You can ask Nivetha about volunteering at CHOA, ResLife, research opportunities at the NIH, and any item on the Falafel King menu:)!

Prateek Konakalla


Prateek Konakalla is a junior from Nolensville, Tennessee. He is pursuing a major in Neurosciences and Behavioral Biology and a minor in Computer Science, on the pre-med track. Prateek is a lab tech at the Lee Lab in the Rheumatology department, and also participates in various volunteering and shadowing activities around the school. Outside of school, he enjoys playing his guitar, reading a good book or playing tennis with his friends. You can ask him about research opportunities, Emory Red Cross, Club tennis, some good Indian food spots in Atlanta or anything that you have your mind on. He is always looking to help out!

Robert Song

Shivangi Sogani

Robert is a senior from Kaysville, Utah. He is pursuing a Biology major and a Quantitative Sciences minor, on the pre-med track. In addition to his role as a peer mentor, Robert is a researcher at both the Rehabilitation Hospital focusing on Stroke Survivors, and the Health Science Research Building where he works in a Leukemia lab. He is also involved in volunteering at the Emory Sports Medicine Complex and tutoring students at local high schools. Outside of school, he enjoys catching up on all sports, and listening to music. You can ask him about being a part of Club Tennis (or any Club Sport), gaining research opportunities, and even where to eat around Atlanta!

Rohini Guin

Robert Song

Rohini is a fourth-year student from Boston, studying Biology and Chemistry. She is an aspiring physician-scientist who is passionate about healthcare ethics and upstream drivers of health. On campus, she conducts cancer immunotherapy research, tutors as a Biology Learning Assistant, serves on the Inter-Religion Council, sits on the Office of Health Promotion Advisory Council, and is the president of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines. She volunteers at the Grace Village Medical Clinic, Title I schools in the greater Atlanta area, and Stewart Detention Center. Feel free to ask her about science policy, health inequities, finding research, bridge-year options, and anything else!

Sean Woo


Sean is a junior from Suwanee, Georgia. She is majoring in Chemistry and Music while on the pre-med track. On campus, she is involved in Residence Life as a RA in Evans, volunteers for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and serves as VP for the Catholic Student Union. Additionally, Sean conducts research on Pompe’s disease in a laboratory under the School of Medicine’s Pediatric Department. Feel free to talk to her about all the cool opportunities on campus and around Atlanta, music and fine arts at Emory, and the coolest places to go hiking!

Shivangi Sogani

Keya Trivedi

Shivangi is a senior from Plainsboro, NJ pursuing an NBB major and Spanish minor on the pre-med track. In addition to PHA, she’s involved in a cappella, UCB, research in mental and women’s health & health literacy and serves as a Senior Resident Advisor at Clairmont. Outside of Emory, she has volunteered and shadowed in clinical settings both domestically and abroad in Spain. With aspirations of becoming a perinatologist, Shivangi is passionate about women’s reproductive health and maternal-fetal medicine as well as mental health, and she hopes to start volunteering at a women’s clinic this year. She enjoys learning new languages and hopes to advocate for practicing cultural humility in healthcare. In her free time, she loves to sing, kayak, play badminton and enjoys photography! Feel free to ask her about music at Emory, clinical shadowing and research opportunities, Residence life, gap year plans, general advice, or anything else!

Sri Ponnazhagan

Ivie UwaifoSri is a senior born and raised in Hoover, Alabama. He’s pursuing a psychology major and astronomy minor on the pre-med track with interests in public health. He loves hiking, playing on the club basketball team, going to concerts, and listening to music on his radio show. Most weeks, he works as an RA in Hamilton-Holmes, conducts addiction research in the psychology department, serves on College Council, volunteers through project SHINE, and runs the Emory Spoke (check us out!) You can ask him about any of these involvements, studying abroad in Ireland, good hikes, music recommendations, and being tall :)

Srijita Nandy


Srijita Nandy is a third year from Alpharetta, GA.  She is pre-med, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology with a minor in Economics. On campus, Srijita is the Director of Programming for the Emory Mock Trial team, the General Sciences Editor of the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal, and the host of the WMRE radio show: Anxiety Hour, which is dedicated to destigmatizing mental health illness across campus by making information and resources more accessible. Srijita is also involved in Greek Life, and she loves being an RA in Raoul Hall. Srijita has been conducting Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research through the Emory School of Medicine since she was a first year; feel free to ask her any questions about how to get into research/finding the right lab. Come by and talk to her about volunteering at CHOA, Residence Life, anything about Taylor Swift/Gilmore Girls, mock trial, or anything else!

Sydney Chung

Lydia Yang

Sydney is a senior from Fort Walton Beach, Florida on the pre-dental track. She is majoring in Biology (BS) and Music Performance (piano). In addition to being a Peer Mentor, Sydney serves as the president of the Pre-Dental Society (EASDA), is involved in Greek life, volunteers at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic, and does craniofacial genetics research in the Leslie Lab. Outside of school, she enjoys running, group fitness classes, cooking, and trying out new restaurants. Ask her about switching from the pre-med to pre-dental track, the Physics minor, balancing academics and health, or her favorite place to grab a matcha latte in Atlanta!

Syed Ahmad

Austin Yu

Syed is a fourth-year student from Aurora, CO. He is studying Chemistry and Biology on the pre-med track. Syed is involved on campus as the President of the Emory MSA and conducts research at Emory’s Clinical Cardiovascular Research Institute. He also helped start a volunteer organization on campus called Project Downtown which distributes packaged meals to the homeless. Outside of class, you can catch Syed playing basketball, watching movies, and debating sports. Feel free to ask him about research, writing an Honors Thesis, Residence Life, or how to get involved on campus!

Taylor Robinson

Eric Zeng

Taylor is a fourth-year student from Seymour, Connecticut, a small town located in New Haven County. She is majoring in Anthropology and Human Biology with a minor in Global Health and is pursuing a pre-med/public health (MD/MPH) track. Taylor spent a semester studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she participated in research and enjoyed traveling and trying new cuisines! She is currently involved with social/behavioral research at the NIH. Taylor is a member of the Emory Track & Field team as a Javelin thrower. She is also involved with Global Medical Brigades, the Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, and Emory's Research Partners Program, where she developed a love for social science research! Outside of school, Taylor enjoys swimming, hiking, and traveling! Ask her anything about balancing work as a student athlete, Anthropology/Global Health, social science research, or study abroad!

Thomas Nguyen


Thomas is a senior from McDonough, GA. He is majoring in Biology with a minor in Music while being on the pre-med track. On campus, he is involved in the Vietnamese Student Association and Doctors Without Borders. He also conducts biomedical research in the Koval Lab at the Whitehead Biomedical Research Building, participates in weekly service trips for Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House for Volunteer Emory, and shadows at a primary care clinic during the summer. Thomas loves to listen to music, plays the piano and guitar, and enjoys learning foreign languages and math. Feel free to ask him about research opportunities, volunteering, music, and places to eat around Atlanta!

Tiffany Huang


Tiffany is a third-year student from Los Angeles, California on the pre-med track. She is studying Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Nutrition Science. Tiffany started her Emory journey at Oxford College and graduated a semester early to start at Emory. At Oxford, she pioneered a club called STEMINISTS to promote gender equality within STEM at Oxford and empower underprivileged youth by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and encouragement to study a STEM-related subject. She was also an SI for BIO141. Besides being a PHA peer mentor at Emory, she is involved in Association for Women in Science, Phi Delta Epsilon, medulloblastoma research, Global Medical Missions Alliance, the Emory orientation program, and volunteering at CHOA. Outside of school, Tiffany enjoys baking, traveling, and hot yoga to reground and destress. If you see her around, ask her about undergraduate research, shadowing opportunities, EMT, or her top brunch spots!

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