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Meet the Pre-Health Advising Team

Pre-Health Advising Team

Sandra Aguilera
Program Coordinator
Sandra A.jpg
Naadia Bakhit
Assistant Director
Advisor for Last Names S-Z
Naadia B.jpg
Gregory Hollinger
Associate Director
Advisor for Last Names D-K
Dani Laupert
Associate Director
Dani L.png
Kim Molee, PhD
Advisor for Last Names A-C
Kim M.jpg
Susan Pak
Assistant Director
Susan P.png
Anthony Still
Assistant Director
Advisor for Last Names L-R
Anthony S.jfif
Dr. Joshua Wallenstein
Physician Advisor
Joshua W.png

Faculty Advisory Board

In addition to our staff team, the Pre-Health Advising Office works closely with a Faculty Advisory Board. The Faculty Advisory Board consists of Emory College of Arts and Sciences and School of Medicine faculty who serve as advisors for the Pre-Health Advising Office. In this role, they meet to discuss policies and procedures that affect Emory's pre-health students.

Current Membership

  • Tom Bing, PhD - Senior Lecturer in Physics (biography)
  • Patrick Cafferty, PhD - Lecturer, Biology (biography)
  • Kathleen Campbell, PhD - Senior Lecturer, Biology (biography)
  • Keith Easterling, PhD - Senior Lecturer, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (biography)
  • Amanda A.H. Freeman, PhD - Senior Lecturer, Human Health (biography)
  • Ellen Idler, PhD - Professor, Sociology (biography)
  • Andrew Kazama, PhD - Lecturer, Psychology (biography)
  • James Kindt, PhD - Professor, Chemistry
  • Cora MacBeth, PhD - Assistant Dean, Emory College (biography)
  • Annette Neuman, PhD - Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Oxford College (biography)
  • Rowena Elliott, PhD, RN, CNN, AGNP-C, FAAN - Professor, School of Nursing
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