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Senior Update

Seniors who applied to programs using a completed Composite Letter (CL) in the previous CAS application cycle may request updates to their original CL in a Senior CL Update. The Senior Update allows an opportunity for seniors to have all four undergraduate years of activities and experiences to be represented in their CL. 
This service is ONLY for individuals who are reapplying to the same type of program for which the original Composite Letter was written, e.g., Medical or Dental programs. 
  • If a student is changing career paths, a Senior CL Update is not appropriate. 
This service is also ONLY for students who applied to health professional schools in the previous cycle. If a student applied for a Composite Letter in the last cycle but did not apply to health professional schools, a Senior CL Update is not appropriate. These students should apply for a NEW Composite Letter if within the CL application deadline or apply for a Letter Packet . 
Click here to add yourself to the Senior CL Update contact list to receive additional information when the Senior CL Update Application is available. Potential applicants on our contact list are typically contacted in May. 

Senior CL Update Applications are typically due in early June and new or updated letters of recommendation are typically due in mid-June. Applications are processed on a rolling basis.  

PHA recognizes that final program admissions decisions can can be released as late as July. It is recommended that you apply for a Senior CL Update if you think there may be a chance that you may need to reapply in the future (in the upcoming cycle or in a future cycle). If you receive admission to a program while in the Senior CL Update process, you will have the chance to communicate this update to PHA by withdrawing your application. 

Students in the current cohort (with a complete application and letters of recommendation) will receive an e-mail with a Status Update with next steps for delivery in mid-July. For detailed instructions, click How to Request Composite Letter Delivery. 

For applicants applying in a future cycle, i.e., on a 2+ gap year timeline, PHA can store your Senior CL Update for up to 3 years post-graduation.  

  • Alumni with an existing Composite Letter on file may elect to have their Composite Letter delivered to Centralized Application Services by submitting a request through the PHA LOR Hub in the year they plan to apply to programs.  
    • If you have an active netID, please Click here to join the PHA LOR Hub contact list to receive information about delivering your Composite Letter.  
    • If you do not have an active netID, please complete the form through the ECAS Alumni Connect Service Portal. New to the ECAS Service Portal? Click here to sign up. 
  • PHA will e-mail you instructions to send your existing Composite Letter, through the LOR Hub, in May of the year you intend to apply to programs. 

Adding Letters to Applications 

Information on entering CL information on Centralized Application Services (CAS’) can be found below. Information on entering CL information on Centralized Application Services (CAS’) can be found below. This information is updated in April/May of each year and can be entered into CAS applications before Senior CL Updates are ready for delivery in July. 

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