Mandatory Check-Up

The Mandatory Check-Up - Group Meeting and 1:1 Follow-Up

The Mandatory Check-Up offers an opportunity for each student interested in healthcare professions to meet with a PHMO Advisor and PHMO Peer Mentors to discuss their goals and aspirations. The Mandatory Check-Up must be completed in the Sophomore year and is required in order to obtain a Composite Letter from the PHMO (pre-medical, dental, optometry, and podiatry students only). If you are a 3rd or 4th year student or a recent graduate and you have NOT completed a Mandatory Check-Up (previously called the PHHR), please contact the PHMO at

The Goals for the Mandatory Check-Up are to:

  • Become familiar with Holistic Development
  • Learn to self-assess
  • Increase awareness of resources
  • Share, learn, and increase perspective with peers 
  • Begin using competency worksheets
  • Identify action items and next steps
  • Consider application timeline

A complete Mandatory Check-Up consists of TWO MEETINGS: 1) Group Mandatory Check-Up and 2) a One-on-One Follow-Up

The Group Mandatory Check-Up allows students to meet with their peers to discuss holistic development.  Students will complete a self-assessment and be guided through activities that will help them identify their progress towards their professional goals. Students do not need to prepare or bring any materials to the Group Mandatory Check-Up.

The 1:1 Follow-Up meeting allows the student to review the self-assessment and discuss holistic development individually in order to finalize next steps and an action plan. Your must bring your packet that you received during the Group Mandatory Check-Up with the self assessments and competency worksheets completed. 1:1 Follow-Ups MUST be completed within three (3) weeks of attending a Group meeting or students may be asked to complete the Group again.

Students must attend both parts of the Mandatory Check-Up during their Sophomore year in order to be eligible to apply for a Composite Letter.

To schedule your Group Mandatory Check-Up:

  • Atlanta campus Sophomores: Click on the "RSVP" tab of and search for PHMO to sign up.
  • Oxford campus Sophomores: Email your PHMO advisor to schedule.

Mandatory Check-Up FAQs

 Do I need a Mandatory Check-Up?

If you are interested in attending medical, dental, podiatry, or optometry school you must complete the Mandatory Check-Up (both Group and 1:1 Follow-Up) in order to obtain a Composite Letter.  While the Mandatory Check-Up is not required for other pre-health professions, it is recommended in order to help you be the strongest applicant possible. 

When should I participate in the Mandatory Check-Up process?

Students considering applying to medical, dental, podiatry, or optometry school are required to complete the Mandatory Check-Up during their Sophomore year. Juniors and Seniors who did not fulfill this requirement in their Sophomore year should contact the PHMO. First year students are not eligible to complete a Mandatory Check-Up yet, but are strongly encouraged to schedule an individual General Pre-Health advising appoointment with their assigned advisor to discuss their pre-health goals.

How long is the Mandatory Check-Up?

A complete Mandatory Check-Up consists of TWO MEETINGS: 1) Group Mandatory Check-Up for 90 minutes and 2) a 1:1 Follow-Up session for 30 minutes.

How do I schedule the Group Mandatory Check-Up?

You must log into ASST and search for "PHMO" under "Events". 

How do I schedule the 1:1 Follow-up?

You will be able to schedule your 1:1 Follow-up after you attend the group portion.  Log into ASST and search "1:1 Follow-Up". Make sure to schedule with your assigned advisor (based on your last name).

What should I do to prepare for my Mandatory Check-Up process?

You should be prepared to discuss your interest in the healthcare field, and why you would like to pursue a career as a healthcare professional.  In addition, you should be able to discuss your academic strengths and challenges, your experience and plans for healthcare exposure and experience, and your research and extracurricular activities.

What will I receive after I complete the process?

Upon completing a Mandatory Check-Up you will receive a summary document with comments and recommendations.  The PHMO advisor will evaluate your progress with academics, research, healthcare experience/exposure and extracurricular activities.  The Mandatory Check-Up is a step in the direction for applying to your graduate program of choice.  We will encourage students to continue to meet with their PHMO advisers before their composite letter, or other career related application process.

Do I only meet with the PHMO advisor once?

We recommend that you check in with the PHMO every semester.  Your PHMO advisor will give you suggestions for your next appointment.

Is this required for the Composite Letter?

YES. Mandatory Check-Ups (completed in the Sophomore year) are required for students applying for Composite Letters in 2013 and on.

If I am not “pre-med” do I need to participate in the Mandatory Check-Up process?

The Mandatory Check-Up is only required for students who wish to obtain a Composite Letter, which includes pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-optometry, and pre-podiatry students. If you are not considering a career in medicine, dentistry, podiatry, or optometry, the Mandatory Check-Up is not required. However, PHMO advisors are available to assist ALL pre-health students with their goals. We recommend that all pre-health students meet with a PHMO advisor for a General Pre-Health advising meeting to ensure your on track with your professional goals. Individual General advising meetings can be scheduled in ASST.

I already had my 1:1 Follow-Up; can I schedule another follow-up?

You are always welcome to return for additional advising meetings.  Schedule a "General Pre-Health" appointment in ASST with your assigned advisor (based on last name).