Introduction to Holistic Development

Health Professional Schools expect applicants to demonstrate growth in four areas of Holistic Development: Academic Accomplishment, Community Service and Leadership Experience, Medically-Related Experience, and Research (Research is not required, though it provides helpful experience). These four categories and opportunities for each are described on the corresponding tabs, on the left. Students will learn more about Holistic Development during the Mandatory Check-Up (previously known as the PreHealth Holistic Review). This program is meant for second-year students. Third- and fourth-year students in 2016-2017 who did not complete a PHHR previously must complete the Mandatory Check-Up during September 2016 to be eligible for a Composite Letter. 

Through experiences in the four areas of Holistic Development and other experiences, students should grow in the "15 Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students", endorsed by the AAMC Group on Student Affairs Committee on Admissions.  The competencies fall into four categories: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Thinking and Reasoning, and Science.  You can learn more about the competencies on the AAMC website.  Applicants to AAMC schools will be required to discuss how they have developed in the core competencies in the AMCAS application.  You can use the Competency Worksheets to document how you've grown in the competencies.

Learn more about Holistic Review in Medical School Admissions. This graphic gives additional information about Holistic Review. These resources can be helpful to anyone considering a career in the health professions, not only future physicians. 

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