Centralized Application Services

Many of the health professions utilize Centralized Application Services as their primary application. Centralized Application Services (CAS) provide standardized information to the individual health professions schools from a single application completed online. This allows applicants to submit one application to multiple schools. Although many individual schools will also require a secondary application, the CAS streamlines things by serving as a hub for transcripts, entrance exams, and letters of recommendation.

If a school participates in a CAS you MUST use that service to apply to the professional school. It is important to submit your primary application EARLY in the application process. Applications will take longer than just a few hours to complete. You should begin to prepare well in advance of when you plan to apply.

The websites for each Centralized Application Service include detailed instructions and information for students. It is critical that you read ALL instructions before beginning your application. The primary application will be the first thing schools see when evaluating your application, so it is critical that you utilize all the resources available to you to help you prepare an error-free application.

For specific information regarding the Centralized Application Service for your chosen healthcare profession, please see the 'Explore' page of the PHMO website.