Application Timeline

One of the most important decisions you willl make in the application process is deciding when to apply. There is no one timeline that fits all students. It all depends on when you can submit your strongest possible application.

A lot of planning must go into preparing a competitive application, so it's important to carefully consider your timeline. The PHMO emphasizes the importance of applying when you are the most competitive applicant you can be; do NOT rush your application timeline.   Being competitive relies on both academic and extracurricular plans AND experiences. You will need to assess when you will be the most competitive applicant.

Things to consider when determining your application timeline:

Academic Accomplishment

  • Have you finished ALL pre-requisites? When will these be completed?

  • How have you performed in those courses? Do you need more time to improve?

  • When will you be ready to take your admission exam? You should not plan to take these exams multiple times.


  • Community and Public Service should be substantial and consistent. If you just started, you’re not ready.
  • Have you gained clinical experience? Some programs have specific requirements.


  • Do you have professors/PIs/supervisors who can write letters of support?
  • Are your family/friends are supportive of your goals?
  • Have you utilized the PHMO advising services?

Your professional and personal goals

  • Are you sure of your professional goal?

  • Do you need/want some time for other experiences between undergrad and graduate school?

  • Do you need time to save for/pay for your next program?