If you are an Emory alum seeking pre-health advising, please call the PHMO main line at (404) 727-6040 to schedule an appointment.  

Alumni Policy (Revised Fall 2016)

Alumni of Emory University’s undergraduate colleges (College of Arts and Sciences, Business or Nursing) are eligible to apply for a Composite Letter up to two years post-graduation. Current Emory graduate students or alumni of Emory graduate school programs who did not receive an undergraduate degree from Emory are not eligible for a Composite Letter.

Read the Composite Letter Alumni Policy and review the 2016-2017 Composite Letter Applcation information.

2016 Composite Letter Revision Policy:

For students who applied for a composite letter in the past and wish for the PHMO to ADD UPDATES to the existing Composite Letter. This request is ONLY for students who applied to a healthcare professional program. 

Updates will ONLY be provided for students applying to the same "type of program" for which the original Composite Letter was written (e.g. Medical or Dental). If you are changing career paths, a Composite Letter Update IS NOT appropriate. 

If you are already an alumnus, you are eligible for an update up to 2 years after your graduation. 

The revision application form will be available in May and MUST be submitted by July 1, 2016. If approved, your updated Composite Letter will be completed on a rolling basis and submitted to your Credentials File. Once posted, you must put a request on the health database in order to release to the appropriate application service.